Silent Clown

Donimo the Silent Clown has been bringing magic to life on stage for over 30 years. Likened to the legendary Buster Keaton and Stan Laurel, through his physical comedy and visual mastery this award-winning character is able to capture the attention and admiration of an audience without uttering a single word. 


From the Prince of Wales, the Sultan of Brunei and the Royal family of Monaco, to world-renowned musicians and comedians, Donimo has performed for and alongside a whole host of famous faces.  His universal appeal has led to his appearance on television programmes broadcast across the globe, as well as in stage shows everywhere from the Edinburgh Festival to Nevada, Brazil and even Japan.  

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Combining the ancient art of clowning and the golden age of silent screen comedy, together with the contemporary techniques of respected physical theatre teachers Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier and Pierre Byland, he has been described as ‘a modern black and white bygone in a world of colour’, performing outstanding feats that are not only daring but also hysterically funny. The Silent Clown’s timeless charm lies in his entertaining and subtle facial expressions, artful comedy, physical displays, juggling tricks, and pure charisma. 

With an extraordinary ability to connect with everyone, regardless of age or status, his self-contained, incredibly versatile act is the ideal entertainment for corporate events and special parties alike. 

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“Donimo leads the audience on a magical and delightful journey and leaves them enchanted and uplifted” 

"After watching all of the competitors, the entire panel of international judges voted unanimously to award Mr Baker the highest honor of the festival, The Gold Clown. Mr Baker’s performance was artistic and unique. It was also very funny. It was almost as if we had the opportunity to see Buster Keaton or Stan Laurel live on stage. His Gold Clown was well deserved" Mark McGuire Spectacle Magazine 

“Donimo invites us to step into a world of magic and visual humor that is universally appealing and a joy for all to watch”.