Festival Fun

Donimo and his alter-ego Phoenix the Fool have been performing at festivals and in circuses across the world for more than three decades. Whichever character he plays, this award-winning entertainer is guaranteed to delight with his heart-warming comedy and amazing magic tricks. 

The Silent Clown - Olala 2017  #47.jpeg

Exceptional entertainment for all the family, Donimo brings an unparalleled sense of fun to outdoor and indoor events alike. As the close-up magician, his interactive illusions will wow revellers as they wander between arenas or enjoy a break from the madding crowds, while Phoenix the Fool will keep everybody laughing with his clever physical comedy, music and all-around mischief.

When he takes to the stage audiences cannot help but be bowled over by Phoenix’s impeccable comedic timing. Attracted by his magnetic personality, you can be confident that people of all ages will thoroughly enjoy this very special character’s wonderfully whimsical show. 

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IMG 2381 "Some people are blessed with talent, some people have to work really hard to be what they want to be but the best combine natural talent with a lifetime of effort, Donimo belongs to the last group of artists. I have known him since the very beginning of his career. I have watched him work and grow. He was always an artist who as a magician could astound and astonish audiences and as a comic would have people rolling around with laughter."
John Row International Story Teller & Poet