Hi, I am Joe Baker, coach, workshop facilitator and international award winning magician & entertainer. I offer fun and exciting Performing Arts workshops, coaching young people to try their hand at astonishing magic that will amaze their friends, or to improve their concentration and creativity with circus skills like juggling, plate spinning, unicycling and mime. Both the Magic Academy and Circus Skills workshops offer a safe space for students to explore the arts while building their confidence, improving social interaction and learning transferable life skills.

The performing arts are fun and they inspire our creative natures, build self expression and confidence.. Very rarely can we do it all on our own, Through the performing arts we can learn how to be naturally collaborative. Once we have created an expressive project we must still perform or present it to an audience. This takes courage to be vulnerable and to accept whatever reactions come from sharing an expression of ourselves without sacrificing integrity.

The Arts show us how to forge new connections through sharing ideas, common interests and goals with others. They also build trust with those within our team and audience. With such experiences, we learn to weather challenges and recieve feedback from others constructively and proactively. This leads to greater success with on the one hand better empathy and listening skills and on the other, the confidence to engage and express ourselves on new levels.



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