"Experience the enchanting world of DONIMO the Silent Clown, where over thirty years of mesmerising stage magic and physical comedy come alive in each performance."

In my career spanning over 30 years, I've crafted two unique personas, each a showstopper in its own right and the perfect addition to any party.

In my role as the close-up magician Joe Baker, I've mastered the art of interactive magic, leaving audiences of all ages awestruck with an array of mind-boggling tricks and illusions. And when I transform into Donimo The Silent Clown, I bring my fantastic physical comedy show to stages all around the world.

Whether I'm wearing one hat or the other, I'm all about making people smile with my timeless heart-warming comedy and jaw-dropping magic & illusion.

When I step onto the stage as Donimo The Silent Clown, you can expect impeccable comedic timing and an irresistible magnetic charm. People of all ages can't help but fall in love with this whimsical character, ensuring a delightful show for everyone in the audience. Let's make some magical memories together!

I have been bringing the enchantment of magic to life on stage for over three decades and have often been likened to the legendary Buster Keaton and Stan Laurel. Through my physical comedy and visual prowess, I can captivate an audience's attention and admiration without ever uttering a single word. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of performing for a diverse range of audiences, including notable figures like the Prince of Wales, the Sultan of Brunei, and the Royal family of Monaco. I've even shared the stage with world-renowned musicians and comedians. My universal appeal has led me to make appearances on television programs broadcast across the globe and grace stages at prestigious venues, from the Edinburgh Festival to far-flung locations like Nevada, Brazil, and even China.

By fusing the ancient art of clowning with the golden age of silent screen comedy, along with contemporary techniques from respected physical theatre teachers like Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier, and Pierre Byland, I've been described as a 'modern black and white bygone in a world of colour.' I perform daring yet uproarious feats, with timeless charm emanating from my entertaining facial expressions, skillful comedy, physical displays, juggling tricks, and sheer charisma.

My remarkable ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, paired with my self-contained and highly versatile act, makes me the perfect entertainment choice for both corporate events and special parties. Whether you're after some casual mix and mingle magic to get your guests chattering or a laugh-out-loud heartwarming stage spectacle that leaves the crowd jubilant, I can curate the perfect party package to suit your needs. So, if you're curious about how I can bring an authentic taste of this time-honoured tradition to your special event, feel free to reach out for more information.

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