"Discover the enchanting world of Donimo Magic, where awe-inspiring illusions and heartfelt connections blend, creating unforgettable experiences that challenge the imagination and enrich the soul through the art of magic."

As a magician, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice but a necessity to elevate my magical craft to new heights. Magic is an art that thrives on innovation and surprise. In a world where technology and entertainment constantly evolve, my commitment to pushing the boundaries of my craft allows me to deliver truly awe-inspiring performances.

It’s not only about continuously learning and developing new tricks, but also about bringing a sense of warmth, humour, and connecting with people. This dedication to the art not only keeps me at the top of my game and relevant but also guarantees that each show I perform is a unique and unforgettable experience for my audience. Based in Bury St Edmunds, I bring my passion for entertainment across the UK and beyond to a wide range of venues and events.

In my role as a magician, my focus is on entertainment rather than outsmarting or adopting a know-it-all attitude. Instead, I strive to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere of mystery and surprise that is enjoyable, interactive, and uplifting for everyone involved. The universal allure of magic is something I cherish, as it enables a brief suspension of disbelief, prompting us to ponder the boundaries of our imagination.

With a track record of enchanting distinguished clients like Cunard, Huawei, Greene King, and the Royal Family of Monaco, Donimo Magic sets a high standard for entertainment that will create cherished memories for all who attend. From close-up magic to award-winning stage performances, I tailor my magic and entertainment to elevate the atmosphere and objectives of your event, guaranteeing a memorable and successful experience that everyone will talk about for years to come.

I am a world-class performer with a host of awards to my name. I learned my craft at an early age, had a family magic show before I left school, and honed my craft through the festival circuits in my later teens. This led to multiple summer seasons alongside famous names from the 90’s, like Cannon & Ball, Freddie Star, Cliff Richard, Terry Wogan, and Ken Dodd. I then worked for a range of international cruise lines across the globe. My work as an international entertainer has also included appearing in and collaborating with large Cirque productions shows across North and South America.

Charity Work & Awards

Charity work Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, Norfolk Ukrainian refugee project, Holiday Activity sessions for vulnerable young people in Suffolk & Norfolk.

Gold Clown Award at the Comedy Arts Festival in Tianjin, China

Silver Medal from the prestigious Festival Mondialdu Cirque de Demain in Paris.

Central TV’s New Faces 1988 (finalist with the largest phone in public vote in the history of the series).

The man behind the magic


Corporate Clients