Engage your guests with up-close and interactive magic, perfect for weddings and special events.

I specialise in close-up magic, seamlessly engaging with your guests to deliver an intimate and mesmerising experience filled with mind-boggling tricks and illusions.

Based near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, I bring my unparalleled passion for entertainment to diverse venues and events throughout the UK and beyond. From weddings and festivals to family parties and corporate gatherings, each performance is a well crafted showstopper, making it the ideal addition to any celebration.

I am also renowned internationally as Donimo The Silent Clown, where I have captivated families of all cultures and languages on international cruise lines across the globe with my hilarious physical comedy and magic shows.

Let's turn your vision into a reality. Reach out, and let's discuss how I can bring unparalleled entertainment to your upcoming event.

As an experienced close-up magician, I specialise in elevating events with mesmerising illusions and an engaging charisma. My interactive magic creates wonder, laughter, and conversation, ensuring an unforgettable and enchanting experience for all.

I have been bringing enchantment to the stage for over three decades as Donimo The Silent Clown, you can expect impeccable comedic timing through my physical comedy and I can captivate an audience's attention and admiration without uttering a single word.

As an award-winning magician and coach, my Performing Arts Workshops create a fun supportive environment that empower participants to build confidence and social skills. All while learning magic and circus arts like juggling, plate spinning mime.

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