Being a member of the Magic Circle

As a magician and entertainer, being a member of the Magic Circle holds immense significance for me. It’s not just a prestigious organisation; it’s a creative hub where the art of magic is revered and respected in its purest form.

Within its hallowed halls, there’s a community of fellow magicians who share the passion, dedication, and reverence for the art. The Magic Circle provides a platform for me to hone my skills, exchange knowledge, and be inspired by the creativity of others. Being a member instils a sense of belonging and validation, affirming my commitment to this art form and connecting me to a tradition that spans generations.

It’s not merely about prestige; it’s about preserving the integrity of magic, upholding its mystique and furthering it as a popular and highly creative art form. At the Magic Circle HQ there’s not only lectures by magicians at the top of the field but shows at the in-house theatre and plenty of opportunities to network and exchange ideas along with a fabulous library with books spanning the last century.


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