Unlocking Hidden Talents: A Day of Magic, Skills, and Inspiration at Norwich University of the Arts

I am Joe (Donimo), a magician and entertainer who believes in the power of the Performing Arts to nurture important life skills. Recently, I had the privilege of hosting a workshop at Norwich University of the Arts, where I had the opportunity to connect with students and help them explore their employability and well-being through the captivating world of magic and entertainment.

The day was all about embracing creativity and personal growth while having a lot of fun. Through a series of engaging activities, we delved into key skills that are vital in both personal and professional development. Confidence, presentation, communication, and teamwork are qualities that serve us well in all walks of life. My aim was to show students that these skills can be not only acquired but also mastered in an enjoyable and unique way.

One of the highlights of the workshop was watching students discover their own potential. Magic, just like any art form, requires practice and strategic thinking, and that’s a lesson I hoped to impart. The amazement on their faces when they mastered a new trick or made a colleague laugh was priceless. The sense of accomplishment that followed was undeniable. These moments were indicative of the transformative power of the Performing Arts and the wonderful growth that occurs when we step out of our comfort zones.

But it wasn’t just about learning tricks and illusions; it was about fostering creativity and building character. We explored the world of storytelling, and inner dialog, the students were encouraged to develop their unique magic routines. This sparked their imaginations, enabling them to create personal stories that resonated with them. Such creative processes not only boost self-expression and confidence but also help develop critical problem-solving skills.

The workshop was more than just an educational experience; it was about building a supportive community. It was truly heart-warming to see the students collaborate, inspire each other, and provide constructive feedback. This teamwork aspect was a fantastic reminder of how the Performing Arts can bring people together and teach us to engage constructively with others in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Joe planned and delivered a dynamic workshop for students at Norwich Uni, using his professional experience as a magician and entertainer to help them explore their employability and wellbeing skills – particularly confidence, presentation, communication and team working skills. It was a fun and engaging workshop! Student feedback was very positive and the impact from this skills development session was clear in the presentations they delivered a few days later.
Lucy Smith | University of Arts

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